At 989, the vibrant heart of Victoria-style culture
is just steps away.

The best of food, unique and varied shopping experiences, film, theatre, dance, and all the ambiance you look for in a place you want to be. It's the right place to meet, work, relax, and express your individual style.


Your new neighbourhood has great resources to style your new home - like Fan Tan Home & Style. It's your new life - design it the way you like, and live it.


For a fun Friday night, enjoy yourself at Intrepid Theatre right around the corner from your new home.


When your fridge is empty and you're starving, there are tons of restaurants right in your new neighbourhood. For some great Chinese food, why not head to Don Mee Seafood Restaurant?

Your new suite at 989 will be the home you want to stay in, in the city you want to thrive in.

Sleek modern kitchens with stunning white quartz countertops, state-of-the-art Kitchen Aid appliances, including an induction cooktop. Bathrooms with integrated floating wood vanity and beautiful porcelain tiles. Bedrooms with custom closets and great views in every direction. Warm engineered hardwood floors, modern lighting, solid core doors.  Parking for yourself and guests. Electric vehicle charging stations. Everything you want in your future is all right here.


There's no need to rush out of your home in the morning when you work at home. With plenty of light, and designed for maximum functionality you can really get something done, right at home.


When it's time for coffee (and when isn't it time for coffee?), 989 has you covered. A quick Google search pops up at least a dozen cafés, all within a walking and biking range.


Food matters, and 989  puts you right in the middle of some of the best food and drink in Victoria. Casual, intimate, group friendly, breakfast, lunch or dinner, Victoria has it all.

You're going to love the comfort and convenience of your new home at 989.

But life really is about more than staying home, isn't it?.It's about excitement and adventure and great stuff to do outdoors. Live here and make it your base for any sort of adventure you're up for.

Get on the sea almost instantly. 989 is just a short distance to some of the finest water sports in the world.

What's a bike without a trail? Easy or rugged, paved or wild, you can find trails for an hour of riding, or a week of adventure.

The sky is no limit here. Clear, clean air, sea breezes, wide open beaches, isolated wilderness, natural terrain. They're all an easy reach from your new home at 989.

Victoria is one of the Pacific Rim's most
vibrant meeting places.

Shaped by a combination of ancient arts, modern design and high energy technology, mixed in with cultural influences from east, west and everywhere between, Victoria is a place to create your future, just the way you want it to be.

Modern Art, street art, and graphic power surrounds you in this neighbourhood. It's fresh, vibrant and always pushing towards something new.

Victoria expresses the culture of North America and embraces the culture of the east at the same time. The combination is both inspiring and beautiful.

Your new neighbourhood celebrates cultural diversity. Traditional totem poles are just one way Victoria expresses a spiritual link with an ancient past.